UK Coffee Week launches today, a celebration that culminates with the London Coffee Festival this weekend, and we have a few fun events planned:

with coffee 2Free Coffee Wednesday: to celebrate we’re holding Free Coffee Wednesday this Wednesday, the 24th April, all day, for anyone who comes into the shop.  Let us show you how good coffee can really be, and just what our lovely trained baristas can do with those great, direct-soured, hand-roasted beans from Union Roastery.

Guest Espresso: Thursday 25 April-Wednesday 1 May we’re also bringing you two guest espressos to explore: a microlot from FAF in Brazil will be gracing Clapham, and Bright Note, a brazilian-guatemalan blend will be in Kingston.  The FAF microlot will be available only for 8oz drinks in Clapham Junction, whereas Bright Note will be the standard base to all coffees made in Kingston this weekend.  If you can, why not try both, and let us know what you think?

KeepCups: We’ve always sold retail bags of our standard Revelation espresso, and now we’re adding the colourful and environmentally friendly Keep Cups to our take-it-home range.  It only takes a month’s worth of takeaway plastic to make an entire Keep Cup, so we would whole hearted-ly encourage you to invest in this snazzy little vessel.  Bonus: the first cup of coffee in your Keep Cup is on us!

Last but certainly not least is the London Coffee Festival this Thursday-Sunday!  There are flyers and postcards available on display in our shops, and we would especially encourage you to check out the miniature roastery set up by Union at the Festival, as well as the Barista and Latte Art challenges.