Well it took 7 long months, but the warm weather is finally back!  To celebrate we’ve kitted out our staff in Kingston and Clapham, set up a tropical terrace, and most importantly, launched some summer treats!  Here are two of our favorites:

Lavender Sugar Pretzel


Made with 100% unrefined cane sugar and lavender buds, this pretzel is flowery and fresh, much like the shirts our staff have been sporting recently…


Lemonade Ice Lolly


Based on our homemade lemonade recipe, our lemonade ice lollies are a homemade recipe using only crushed ice, sugar, water, and lemon juice.  We’ve tweaked the recipe since last year, and they’re now better than ever – the perfect way to cool down after a crowded train ride or afternoon out in the sun.


You can find other pictures of the fun, as always, on our flickr account!