We know, we only just brought back our Brazilian Estate filter coffee.  But for the next few weeks, we’ll be filtering-up a special winter blend, direct sourced and hand roasted from Union like all our coffees.  You may have seen our new, smaller, coffee grinder lurking in the back the past few weeks, as an added bonus, we’ll also be grinding the filter coffee ourselves from now on!


According to Union’s website, the winter blend  “is layered with deep intricacies and subtle sweetness; perfect to melt away your winter blues.This harmonious balances encompasses an elegant sweetness from Liberación, underpinned by sparkling, citric acidity from Homacho Waeno. Gajah Mountain compliments the blend with an essence of candied fruit and finishes with a butterscotch aftertaste from Bello Horizonte.”


For a taste of winter, come in and try the new winter blend filter coffee, brewed up fresh from today at our shop in Clapham Junction.  And be sure to check back next week to find how you could get a free coffee, and lots of other holiday treats, in Knot’s 12 Days of Christmas, starting Monday.