Usually we keep secret word friday to the website, Facebook, and twitter, but let’s face it, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with a snazzy new passphrase every week.  So, this week we took the easy way out and we’re bringing secret word friday to the blog – except it isn’t a word, it isn’t a passphrase, it’s a rewritten children’s song!  (You all just jumped for joy, right?)

Here are the modified lyrics to sing (the video for the tune it’s based on can be found here)

Well, I got on the train

And I went a few stops,

And I went right into the pretzel shop,

And I picked up a pretzel

And I licked off the cheese,

And I handed the lady a 5 pence piece

Well, she, looked at the pence and she looked at me

And she said these 5p are no good to me,

There’s a hole in the middle

I can see right through

Said I there’re holes in the pretzel too!

Thanks for the pretzel