Cinnamon pretzelBeing a pretzel shop, our pretzel baking method and ingredients are kind of a big deal.  People often ask what sets our pretzels apart from those sold in the shopping centres, and the answer is our artisan baking method of mixing, proofing, retarding, and rising again (well that, and everything else).

We start with the finest quality ingredients: water, butter, honey, salt and an organic high protein flour from an English Miller.

Our artisan baker mixes all the ingredients together slowly and allows the gluten to develop, and then lets the mixture rest to rise at room temperature for at least two hours.  After a while he comes back, punches the dough down, and then lets it rise again, this time in the fridge, to slow down the yeast and allow more complex flavours to develop.  He then brings the dough back to room temperature, forms it into pretzels, and lets it rise one last time before par baking the pretzels and flash freezing them for delivery to the store.

From there, it’s just some loving prep and addition of toppings by our team members at the oven in store, before our pretzels reach your mouth.  It’s a long, twelve hour process, but we’re pretty sure it’s worth it.