Tereza makes a new friend at the seaside

This week’s person behind the pretzels is Tereza, who’s often actually often to be found behind the coffee machines at Kingston Market and Clapham Junction. Wonderfully cheerful, she first came to London to study art in Kingston.

Place of birth: České Budějovice (that’s where Budweiser Budvar Beer is brewed!), Czech Republic (or Bohemia as I like to call it) 😉

So what languages do you speak? Czech, English and French

How did you end up in London? I guess my studies led me here, after finishing high school in my home town in the Czech Republic, I wanted to study art history and curating. As London is the world’s capital of contemporary art with a very lively museum and gallery culture it seemed to have been the ideal place to go.

And Knot?  What first attracted you here?  The smell of good coffee? Haha, but seriously I live in Kingston where one the Knot sites is located and it is one of the best, if not the best place around to get coffee from, and the opportunity to get trained to make it the way they do was one of my reasons for applying for the job.  Also as many people have said before Knot seemed like a fresh new business with fun and friendly working environment which it sure is.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Knot? I mostly work at the stall on Kingston market place now and I just love the atmosphere there with all the shouting and the general banter going on with the neighbour traders as well as with my fellow Knot team members. A more actual work related thing I love about working at Knot is that I get to play with the coffee machine pretty much everyday and improve my coffee making skills.

What are your favourite coffee and pretzels? Mmm definitely the ham, emmental and pepperdew pretzel.And when it comes to coffee I like it strong but quite foamy so either a double machiato or a flat white shot and size coffee but with cappucino milk.

Party fact?? Ehmmm… I can partly dislocate my shoulder?  haha 🙂