We’ve had a few new starters in Clapham Junction recently, and this week we stopped for a coffee and chat with Suzan, our multi lingual, Japanese drumming guru who’s just started as a shift leader, and will also be running with our Sport Relief team next month.

SuzanSo it’s hard to tell, but where are you from?

Krommenie, The Netherlands; proper cows, clogs and windmills country.

And so you speak… Dutch? English?

Dutch, English, French, German and Japanese. What can I say, I’m a languages geek, hahaha.

What brought you to London?

The job I had before Knot. I had finished up my studies in Cardiff (Wales), and got offered a job in London. So why not move to the big city, right?

What first attracted you to Knot?

The cheery atmosphere, dedication to good products and the general sense of ‘fun’.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

Definitely the colleagues! Time flies by working with these awesome people. And developing barista skills is pretty cool too; definitely something I want to focus on!

What’s your favorite knot?

At the moment, the bacon pretzel is my number one.

Favorite coffee drink?

A cappuccino with chocolate powder on top. As for the teas, Red Bush is my fav.

What kind of music keeps you going? Do you have a favorite playlist?

Nothing specific, but I love the cheesy stuff from the 80s, 90s and early 00s; fantastic sing-along material. But as a European, some proper euro-dance music will also keep me going all shift long.

Anything else? What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I performed with a semi-professional Japanese percussion (taiko) group.