This week we’re chatting with Rebecca, one of our newest staff members who’s been bopping about in our Clapham Junction and Kingston Market stalls since she came across the pond to get her Masters.


So Rebecca, where are you from? I was born in Awesome Indianapolis, Indiana.

Do you speak any languages? I speak English (duh) and enough Spanish to hold a conversation. As long as it’s only about fine cheeses.

Haha, class.  What brought you to London from Indianapolis then? I came to London to get my MA in Creative Writing, but I also wanted to get life experience in…not tiny Sweetser, Indiana with it’s cornfields and mediocre beer.

So instead you’ve chosen urban foxes and a packed tube!  How’d you find Knot then?  I was first attracted to Knot when the advert said they were looking for fun and interesting individuals. I thought that a company that was so specific about the personality of their people would be super exciting to work with. “Hey! I’m fun and interesting!” I said. And BAM! Fate.

What’s your favorite thing about working here? My favorite thing about working at Knot is that it doesn’t feel like I’m working when I’m with everyone. There’s not a single co-worker I don’t like. That is an AMAZING thing in a company. My co-workers are a ray of sunshine…on a cloudy day.  My favorite knot is…THE VANILLA CHILI ONE!!! I tried it kinda on accident at Kingston, and I’m pretty sure I’m now a girl in love.

And coffee? My favorite coffee is the mind BLOWING Nutella hot chocolate Andrew made for me once. That man’s hands are the hands of an Angel.

What about the music? My favorite song we play is ANYTHING I CAN DANCE TO! I find that I get two responses: customers staring or laughing at me. But then they buy a pretzel. YOU’RE WELCOME!

One fun fact about you?  My little sister tamed a bobcat and kept it in our room when we were kids and my mom never found out.