One of our babies on the Knot team, Matt moved to London to begin his university degree in August, and joined us at the same time.  He’s been a lovely addition to the team, and always brings lots of great energy to his shifts.  This week, we sat down to have a chat.


Place of birth: Sunderland, UK


Do you speak any other languages?

Not really, just English, and a small amount of Spanish


What brought you to London?

I’m studying Fine Art at the degree level, and I wanted all the galleries around me.


What first attracted you to Knot?

The shops seemed like a really cool environment to work in that would fit me well, and it’s been going well so far (touch wood)!


What’s your favourite thing about working here?

Free food when working and meeting people who actually laugh at my jokes.


What’s your favorite knot?

The chorizo one, the paprika always is a nice surprise, always forget its on their even though I bake them.


Favorite coffee drink?

I’m more of a tea drinker really – one sugar and not a lot of milk!


Favourite music we play at the shop?

I think my favorite it Tereza’s playlist, she has introduced me to some cool singers like King Charles, it’s always nice to listen to something new whilst baking away.