Sorry for the mini break last week folks!  A lot has been going on with everyone getting back to school and work (we’re relearning how to work a morning rush, the smelly broken dishwasher is gone at last… 😉 ) but we’ve got a lovely pretzel person to introduce you to here today, and lots more entries coming on their way!

This week’s person behind the pretzels is Martà, a Hungarian secondary school teacher who decided she’d had enough and moved to London to work with us at Clapham Junction!  (Just kidding, she seems to love those little monsters, but we wouldn’t blame her if they had driven her away)  Read on for more…


Ok, so where were you born?  And how do you spell it?? 🙂

Kunhegyes, it is a city in Hungary


What languages do you know how to speak?

Hungarian, a little bit of Italian…and English!


What brought you to London (if it wasn’t the kids you were teaching!)?

I needed a change, I wanted to have an adventure and improve my English.  I felt like it was time to maybe try another job and earn some money…


And Knot?

I liked that it was a small company with really friendly people! Besides the coffee and pretzels 😉 the friendly colleagues are my favourite thing about working here.  They make the atmosphere great, and everyone has travelled a lot; no one’s afraid to move around.


Haha, coffee and pretzels better than people, eh?  Which are your favourites then?

For pretzels, the ham and pepperdew pretzel with emmental, it’s great.  And for coffee – latte.


Martà’s favourite music is Rage Against the Machine…don’t think we have any of  that in the shop just yet, although we have had a lot of new CDs recently (and an iPod dock in Kingston!)  So if lots of Rock starts playing at the shop…you’ll know who’s responsible!  😉