pretzels are in Igor’s heart

Hello guys!  This week’s pretzel people is Igor, our Lady Gaga concert-going, zoo-loving, manager of Knot Pretzels at Clapham Junction.  If you guys saw someone really excited about ringing the bell a couple of weeks ago, that would be him.  Originally born in Slovakia, Igor worked at a chocolate company in London before he gave it all up to work at Knot (I know, right?  We love our pretzels, but even we aren’t sure we’d give up chocolate for them!).


POB: Brezno, Czechoslovakia

Languages spoken: Slovak, Czech, English

How’d you first come to London?  First I came for holiday, only but I enjoyed it so much I decided to come back!

What first attracted you to Knot?  The Bacon Pretzel and cream cheese dip!  mmm…

What’s your favourite thing about working here?  All of it!  I couldn’t possibly pick one…

and your favourite Knot and coffee? (besides the Bacon!)  I love all the flavors, and for coffees the lattes.  And lemonade, that stuff is delicious.

Favourite CD at Clapham??  The Fatboy Slim CD!

Funny fact about myself: the same day, same place as I was born, another boy was born, and his mother did not choose a name for him in advance so she asked what my name was!  “Ok, my son can have the same name.”  Imagine!