Another new staff member has been hanging out in the shop (well, ok, not hanging out – working); training in Clapham to work in the new store when it opens in…drumroll….April!  Until then, Edgar will be based in our Clapham Junction kiosk, so come say hello.

Edgar and Marta hold down the fort Wednesday night

Place of birth:

Languages spoken:
English, Latvian, some Russian, dog barking :l

What brought you to London?
A plane. Main reason was to improve my English, but it turned out I quite liked it here so I decided to stay permanently.

What first attracted you to Knot?
Besides pretzels and coffee it’d be the chance to work directly with customers, cause I’d never done that before. And the opportunity to grow and move up the career path 🙂

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
I’ve got two – people I work with, and meeting new people every day.

What’s your favorite knot?  Favorite coffee drink?
It’s gotta be cinamon pretzel and a latte

Favourite CD we play at the shop?
uhmm….. I like Shakespeare’s Sister. I’ve only heard it once in the shop though, but still counts :l

One fun fact about yourself!
Turtles make me happy…