Place of birth: I am from Vilnius, Lithuania – multicultural capital of this tiny country.

Languages spoken: My mother tongue language is Russian, even though I can speak English and Lithuanian as well. Also, I used to learn German and Spanish, but due to my goldfish memory – did not succeed. Yet.

What brought you to London?: Studies. London offers many opportunities in Biological Science, which is one of the steps towards my mad dreams.

What first attracted you to knot?: Pretzels. To be honest, I didn’t know there are any pretzel shops in London. ”KNOT” seemed to be a unique place. And it is a unique place.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?: Baking. Seriously, I did not expect baking to be so fun. I can do it all day long! Of course, till is amazing too: chatting with customers or just seeing happy kids getting a pretzel… but there is just no. comparison. with. baking. Ironically, my surname can be basically translated as ”bread baker”!

What’s your favorite knot?: Classic. Reminds of my trip to Munich. However, I’ve heard the rumors about chorizo pretzel, but didn’t try one yet.

Favorite coffee drink?: Mocha or Americano (usually).

Favourite CD we play at the shop?¬†Boomfunk Mc’s – Freestyler ( reminds me of my childhood ) and 3oh!3 – startrukk ( this song associates with ”KNOT” ).

One fun fact about yourself!: Well, I’ve broken 4 fingers while playing basketball. It is not fun at all, but at least it is a fact.