People Behind the Pretzels is back, and interviewing Daniel, a joyful addition to our Richmond team who’s always keen to dress up, grow a stache, and generally get involved.


So Daniel, where are you from? I was born in Twickenham and I’ve lived here all my life.

And do you speak any languages besides English? I’ve studied French and Spanish but I’m probably very rusty with both by now, I’d like to become fluent one day.

What brought you to London? I was born here but I’ve stayed because I want to qualify as a City solicitor in a few years’ time, tax law is my specialism.

What first attracted you to Knot? I worked at one of the big coffee chains for several years and whilst I really enjoyed interacting with customers, cheering them up, having a laugh with them for few minutes during their busy and stressful days, the quality just wasn’t there. When I heard about this new start-up whose raison d’être is crafting the perfect coffee and serving artisan pretzels, I had to know more – now here I am!

What’s your favourite thing about working here? Sharing a joke, an anecdote or just some classic British smalltalk with customers and seeing first-timers’ faces light up when they take a sip.

What’s your favourite knot? Without a doubt, it has to be the Romano. Simple ingredients create something that is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s delicious torture smelling Romanos all day long.

Favourite coffee drink? I like to keep things pure and simple, a double espresso and a single-origin black filter coffee are hard to beat, however, I like to cool off with an iced latte when the summer heat gets a bit too much.

Favourite CD we play at the shop? I made an 80s playlist for Knot and I play it as often as I can, I Just Can’t Get Enough. That massive snare just Take(s) My Breath Away.

One fun fact about yourself? I grow around 30 varieties of chilli, including some of the hottest in the world. My favourite, however, is the Lemon Drop; I have some spare seeds and I’d been happy to give you some if you want to try growing your own – just pop into Richmond and ask me (it’s also a good excuse to treat yourself to a coffee).