This week’s person behind the pretzels is Callum, who’s often at Clapham Junction by weekday, Kingston by weekend.  Originally from Somerset, Callum moved to London a few years ago to study fashion at Kingston University, and he hopes to one day become a women’s fashion designer.  Callum is flatmates with Dan, so after a couple months of Dan bringing home leftover pretzels and talking about his coffee training, Callum decided to jump on the ship!


So Callum, what was your main motivation for joining Knot?  It was the coffee training actually, I really liked the idea that I’d have the opportunity to get trained up and learn how to do coffee properly!

And your favourite thing about working here?  The coffee training!  I really like having the chance to try my hand at making all these different kinds of coffee and I’ve really enjoyed going to the training at the Union Roastery as well.  I also like working at both Clapham and Kingston, the pace is really different between the two and you get different kinds of customers as well, so I like getting to do both.

Favourite coffee and pretzel?  Definitely flat white and praline as a combo, but my favourite pretzel on it’s own is ham and pepperdew – it makes a solid meal!

Favourite CD?  At Clapham, David Lynch, one of the one’s I brought in myself!  And at Kingston…we don’t have CDs, we just flit between radio stations.

Fun fact about yourself?  For a while I studied Japanese, so I’m at a middling level there…