This week’s People Behind the Pretzels features Bianca, part of our Clapham Junction team.  Bianca’s always really smiling and positive, and she’s one of the lone souls that appreciates our awful Salsa CD!


POB: Timisoara, Romania

What languages do you speak?  English, Romanian…?  Yeah, Romanian, English, a bit of German from school…

What first brought you to London?  Uni! (It’s the same for a lot of people).  I came 1 year ago to study Advertising and Marketing at London Metropolitan.  (So like, communications and PR stuff!)

What first attracted you to Knot?  The smell of the pretzels baking in Kingston!  😉  Now I smell it all the time!

And what’s your favourite thing about working here?  The people!  – Everyone says that though! – No, but it’s true – from manager, colleagues, to customers.

Favourite Knot & Coffee combo?  Mocha and praline pretzel with a nutella dip – lots of chocolate!

And finally, your favourite music here?  The Spanish music!