You may have noticed a lot of new faces in Clapham Junction recently.  We’ve gained several new team leaders and team members over the past few weeks, and we will now be gradually introducing you to them here, for all you stalkers who’ve been missing our People Behind the Pretzels entries.  First up, is Andrew, one of our new Team Leaders/Baristas, and who’s responsible for that lovely new CD we’ve been playing on repeat all week.

Welcome!  We’re so happy to have you, and especially have some new music! 🙂  Tell us about yourself – where are you from?  What brought you to London?  What are you doing now?

I was born in the UK in Wolverhampton, although I actually grew up in Codsall, a village in Staffordshire; I am the youngest child of a family of six. I came to London to study Philosophy and Theology over three years ago now and have moved around the city. I this year embarked on a Masters course in Philosophy and Religion – I’m sure some of you can see a theme emerging.  Religion fascinates me; I’m not entirely sure what I intend to do with my studies, currently I’m just in it for the love.

What about languages?   Can you speak any languages besides English?

English is my only language currently, but I would quite like to learn Icelandic.  I have a growing desire to move there, maybe one day we will see.

Ha!  You’ll have to talk to Agnes, she’s always trying to teach everyone some Icelandic! 🙂 What first attracted you to Knot?

I was drawn to Knot because of its energy as a small, driven and rapidly growing business. The opportunity to be part of such an enterprise and grow and develop with the business was irresistible.

Awww…and what’s your favourite thing about working here?

Great coffee, great food and great energy, I’ve not worked at Knot long but the Knot team immediately made me feel welcome, the whole package definitely breeds an organic love for the buisness.

What are your favourite things in the shop?  Music?  Pretzels?  Coffee?

My Favourite Knot has to be the Vanilla and Chili; it is an unexpected and intriguing combination that is soft at first but leaves a gentle heat in the mouth (but then I’m biased as I am a chili fan).  My favourite coffee would definitely be a Flat White; it has a richer flavour than a Latte or a Cappuccino, but the lighter milk makes it smooth on the pallet.  My Favourite song is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something, some of you may have had suspicions as it is on one of my CDs.

We’ve definitely sung along to it a few times recently!  Anything else about yourself??  What’s a fun fact?

I became an Uncle at eleven and now have seven nieces and a nephew with a new baby on the way; naturally I’ve become an artisan nappy changer, lol.

Love it!   Be sure to say hi to Andrew if you see him in the shop, he’ll be leading his first shifts later next week.  And stay tuned for more staff profiles…we’ve got enough for a few months of People Behind the Pretzels 😉