Rounding out our set of newbies this week is one of our new part-time student team members is Alex, from Nitra, Slovakia.  Our little polyglot (she speaks more than three languages including Slovakian, English, Czech, and a few words from Spanish, Polish and Hungarian) first moved to the UK to live with her boyfriend, and has embraced London life (and Knot) with both hands.

What brought you to London? I came here because of my boyfriend. I just missed him soooo much 🙁 He was here for a really long time – 6 months before me  – and it was also a good opportunity to start a new life 🙂

What first attracted you to Knot? I started to study at Kingston University and I was looking for a part-time job. I did not know about Knot before and it really surprised me…I’ll have to tell you why later, it isn’t for this interview! 😉

What’s your favourite thing about working here? People. Definitely. All the people I work with, people I serve, and how every shift is still always different. On every shift something interesting happens, or something fun, or another burn or cut on my hands 😀 LOL 😀 I like that there’s still something different and this is my first job I can finally shout at “Freshly baked pretzeeeeels!”

What’s your favorite knot?  Favorite coffee drink?  Favourite CD we play at the shop?  I must tell you I do not have a favorite one, I just love all of them too much to pick one! 😀  But I definitely have my favorite coffee and it is mocha or sometimes just a white americano. 🙂   As for the music…my winner is All I Want For Christmas from Mariah Carey.  Especially in the autumn, when customers keep laughing at us to listen to it so early! 😀

One fun fact about yourself!  I’m veeeery indecisive, so I am able to stand in the shop in front of cereals and pick them for half an hour, and the same for clothes and everything. Warning – do not ever go shopping with me! 😀