Our people behind the pretzels this week (and first on our new home, the knot-pretzels homepage!) features Agnes, our Icelandic supervisor at Clapham Junction. Agnes was a chef in her home country, but she gave it all up a year ago to experience the London life (and she’s putting her experience bossing to good use!)

Place of birth: Reykjavik, Iceland

Languages spoken: Icelandic, English, Danish

So what first brought you to London? I wanted a change, to travel around. It was a new exciting place, more challenging than home.

What first attracted you to Knot? I had been in London for 9 months, and I’d just finished a nannying job. I figured I should probably get a proper job if I didn’t want to go back home again. Knot was fun, and I loved the idea.

And your favourite thing here?  To eat or otherwise? 😛 No, I love the people, we all say that but it’s like coming in to have a chat and catch up with your friends. And in terms of the products – the iced latte for summer, mocha when it’s cold, and definitely the salt and pepper pretzel, I like the basics.

Favourite music from the shop –  Oh god, NOT Fatboy Slim! The radio, although that isn’t allowed….the salsa CD, I guess, but no one else likes it! Rich and I were making up a dance to this song on it a couple weeks ago.