To get the blog moving again, we decided to let you get to know our team members.  Our staff are a crucial part of the Knot recipe, and we keep each other laughing and positive through long shifts, early mornings, power outages, and fire sprinkler catastrophes.  This week we chatted with Stef, our resident coffee guru and Aussie!

Ok, so let’s start with what languages you speak; everyone here knows so many!

Well, I’ve been teaching everyone Aussie slang…I also speak Filipino and a little French.

What brought you to London?  Work, travel.  Life experience.  I backpacked for a few months before I settled down in London, so working here now gives me a base to go explore some more!

What first attracted you to Knot?  It seemed like a really fun new small business!

What’s your favourite thing about Knot? I love meeting all the people, from the other staff to the customers.  Starting to see regular faces coming back reminds me why I love being a barista.

Favourite Knot: Chorizo, definitely the chorizo.

Favourite Coffee: ristretto flat white!  I’m a coffee person, and that’s definitely a coffee kind of coffee.

Favourite Knot Music: Fat Boy Slim, we goof off and sing along to it when no one’s in the shop.

Fun fact about Stef: I’ll try anything once; I’ve sky dived, scuba dived…and I have double jointed arms!