This week we sat down to chat to Rich, who’s baking and getting his coffee training with us whilst studying music at university.  He definitely has the passion for it – he’s seen his favorite singer, Dallas Green, a whopping 30-plus times!

at Movember 2011…classy ‘stash, eh?

P.O.B.: Torquay, in the English Riviera!  (…or as some people call it, Devon.)

What languages do you speak? English, French, and Spanish…I haven’t used them all really recently, but I think it’s pretty cool all the similarities you can find between the languages!

What first brought you to London?  I came for university, but I stayed because I love how much more there is going on in the city than there is back at home.  My sisters are here too, so it’s nice to go see them every once in a while.

What first attracted you to Knot? My favorite thing is the fact that there’s this massive emphasis on always serving the highest quality products, even if it means throwing out incorrect things and starting fresh!

What’s your favorite thing about working here?  Definitely having a laugh with the rest of the staff and the customers…not to mention getting to drink as much free coffee as I can!

And your favourite knot?   coffee?  Always Praline for pretzel, and either a White Americano (they were the first thing I learned to make!) or Iced Latte for coffee.

And favorite work soundtrack in Clapham?  ;/  Probably the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, I can’t take any more Spanish euro pop or Fatboy Slim!