Meet Petra, one of our original team members in Clapham and hospitality student.  Petra’s a real world traveler; after completing high school in France (and in French no less!) Petra’s in the UK for her studies before hoping to move to Hong Kong.

Place of Birth: Zlin, Czech Republic

Languages Spoken:  I speak English, Czech, and French fluently, but I also know a bit of German and Spanish, and I’m working on learning more!

What brought you to London? My studies brought me here –  I did my high school in France and then wanted a change of pace. Not to mention, hospitality management isn’t really done in the Czech republic, so I wanted a good UK degree.

What first attracted you to Knot? I was looking for a part-time job close to where I live. I am at Clapham junction pretty much every day so I was attracted to the location. Plus I really enjoy working in small businesses. They are much more fun!

What’s your favourite thing about Knot?  The people, hands down. I have so much fun working here. I don’t see it as going to work. I see it as going to meet and be with friends.

Favourite knot: Definitely the praline one. Love how it crunches!  And I love the hot chocolate that we have. So creamy with milk!

Favourite CD: Emeli Sande  – it is actually my CD …. I have to leave a copy at the shop, I just need to remember to do that haha.  New music is key!

Fun Fact: I am a massive “scaredy-cat”. I will jump at anything! It is seriously terrible 🙂