This week’s person behind the pretzels is Pavel, one of our original team members from Kingston, and now our staff trainer!  Fluent in Bulgarian and English, he describes himself as a ‘friendly and not-so-friendly guy, but a naturally inquisitive individual’…which is how he ended up at Knot and London in the first place!

What first brought you to London?

The diversity of cultures and the mystery of the unknown were exhilarating, I loved the whole mix of it!


What first attracted you to Knot?

It was the unknown again – I didn’t know what it was, and I couldn’t pronounce the word pretzel!  It was a good learning opportunity 😀


What’s your favourite thing about Knot?

I love the atmosphere, and the fact that your voice is heard and taken into consideration…and the sound of my own voice shouting at the market “Come and get your fresh pretzels!” 😉


Favourite Knot: Cheddar and Bacon with extra black pepper…it’s nice experimenting with the flavours.


Visit Pavel at the Kingston Market Stall, Thursdays to Sundays.