Exploring the Rainforest

This week we’re talking to Katy, one of our team members at Clapham Junction.

Nationality: UK/US

Languages spoken: Actually speak, or have once tried to learn?!  Haha; English, French, a little bit of Italian, a tiny amount of Bangla…a month’s worth of German?  I really like starting languages, I just need to work on my follow up…

What brought you to London?  err…I have a tendency to end up places almost by accident.  I was doing a masters in France and applying for internships all over the place, and I had to pick somewhere because my lease was up, so I went with London for a variety of reasons that made sense for a week back in March.  But now I’m here.  London was the first place I ever lived on my own when I was 18, so it’s kind of fun to come back 6 years later and see how it’s changed.

What first attracted you to Knot?  The pretzels!  Aha, I grew up in the states, and I remember coming home after I lived in Italy for a year; one of the first things I did was drag my friends to a pretzel shop.  Knot’s pretzels are delicious.

What’s one of your favourite things about Knot?  You mean besides the pretzels?  : )  Definitely the people, the other people here all have really great attitudes and energy, and our regulars make my day.  I’m usually at the till in the mornings, and I love getting to know all our commuters.

Favourite Knot:  ermm..I’ve been eating a lot of chorizo lately…but I definitely have a thing for the Coconut and Pearl Sugar ones too!  Especially when we have lemon curd.

Favourite Coffee:  Most of the time I’m downing earl grey like it’s going out of style, but I  like a good mocha too.  Or the lemonade!  Does that count?

Favourite CD:  hmm…I’m definitely a fan of the Fatboy Slim, it puts me in a great mood in the mornings, but I kind of od-ed on it last week.  One of the other guys at work made us a CD he called Music for Dogs, and he put that Matilda song on it, so that one’s definitely a fave too.

Fun Fact:  I hate these!  Umm…I ran my first half marathon at the end of May!