One of our original Clapham Staff members, Dan can usually be found hard at work behind the coffee machines at Clapham during the week, and Kingston on weekends.  Like many of our staff, Dan is a student and is studying art in Surbiton.  Check out his portfolio here.

Where are you from, and how’d you get to London?  I was born in Huddersfield, England and grew up in Yorkshire before moving down to London for university (unlike most staff members, I don’t speak any other languages – just English!).  I originally came to London because it’s among the best places in the world to study art.  London has some great galleries and events to keep me occupied when I’m not making coffee or art work!

And how’d you find Knot? I have a passion for coffee and Knot gave me the chance to train how to make it the proper way!  …I definitely don’t love waking up at 5AM though! 😉

What’s your favorite Knot and coffee combo? Ham and Pepperdew (I take it home and cover it with chili sauce…mmm), and Flat White – I like my coffee strong!

Favourite work music?  Gonna have to blow my own trumpet here, it’s definitely got to be the compilation I made 😛  I also love watching our neighbor at Kingston singing along to cheesy 80s pop on the radio!