Ok, so to our customers in Clapham it must seem like we’re obsessed with Fatboy Slim, (or Adele depending on what day you came in on).  Let us just say, this is temporary, and though we may enjoy Rockafella Skank and Someone Like You as much as the next child, we aren’t quite at that level of our own free will.  The Clapham kiosk music is currently sourced entirely by an old-school stereo and our owner’s CD collection circa 2000 (we also loop the BrtiAwards 1996 CD from time to time).  This will change, in the bright and shiny future, but until then…well, we have Adele, and Fatboy Slim, and the BritAwards, Rough Trade 2003, and occasionally we play some random country or salsa.  But mostly we play Fatboy Slim’s greatest hits on repeat for 5 days straight until our ears bleed.  And you know what?  We may actually miss it when our much expected iPod dock finally arrives and we start blasting the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen.  Will you?