A lot of people ask us about our coffee, and trust us, it’s a pretty important part of the Knot experience!  Here are some key facts about the blend and roasters.

Union Coffee was founded in 2001 by Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia, and is a small independent coffee roastery based in London that roasts all of their coffees by hand (and trains the Knot staff to make them perfectly!)

Direct Trade:  Direct trade means the beans are sourced directly from the farmers by Union.  Fairer than fair trade, it cuts out the middlemen and ensures that producers are actually receiving a fair price for their coffee!

Our blend Revelation is sourced from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Rwanda, and Sumatra and is made from 100% Arabica beans.  Revelation is one of Union’s strongest blends, and we chose it because it is more than capable of standing out amongst the milk of everyone’s lattes and cappuccinos!

For more information, check out Union’s site or come visit us to buy a package of Revelation beans for £5 that you can take home and brew yourself!