This month our single source filter coffee is going back to the birthplace of coffee with a traditionally grown and well rounded Harrar Coffee from the Ethiopian Coffee company.

The Harrar has an exotic flavour with a nice full body, fruity strawberry notes, and a distinctive rich chocolate aroma.

Harrar Longberry is the highest grown Ethiopian Coffee, growing slowly in altitudes above 2000 allows this exceptional Arabica coffee to develop its natural sweetness and outstanding flavours.

Harrar Coffee is still grown in the traditional way and often intercroped with maize and other grains in small garden style plots. These are super premium beans which are expertly hand picked and sorted at every stage. After harvesting the beans are dry processed (sun dried) on long mats raised from the ground, processing method which further develops the coffee’s natural rich sweet flavour.


About the Ethiopian Coffee Company:

Ethiopian Coffee Company is a Micro Roastery based in Islington specializing in premium Ethiopian Coffees.


The birthplace of coffee, and possibly humanity and civilisation itself, lie in Ethiopia where the high altitudes with ample rainfall, a near perfect climate, good fertility and natural planting conditions still make for some of the most prized coffees in the world. The Ethiopian Coffee Co visit Ethiopia on a regular basis to select the best green beans before roasting by hand in small individual batches for optimum flavour. They only use indigenous heirloom Arabica varieties, such as the famed Harar, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, each of which have a different roast profile