This week, let’s venture into the teritory of coffee tasting.

Experts have determined that coffee has over 800 discernible flavor characteristics—by comparison, wine only has about 400. The flavour profile of a coffee is dependant on the growing region, its climate, rainfall, soil characteristics, but also on the way the coffee is processed and the degree to which it is roasted. To determine and evaluate flavour profiles of different coffees, professionals use a tasting technique called ‘cupping’ during which they evaluate the coffee’s aroma, body, acidity and tasting notes. Because coffee is a commodity in the coffee growing countries, cupping is usually carried out to detect defective coffee flavours in order to determine a price for the beans. Baristas and coffee buyers and roasters involved in the specialty coffee industry cup coffees in order to describe (and compare) the multitude of distinct tastes and smells our senses perceive.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, you can explore some of the coffee tasting terminology:

And discover the art of cupping in this jazzy video here: