Well, we were loving El Salvador but we ran out, and we’re trying to keep the filter coffee new…so we’ve sourced another fancy lovely filter from Konga Natural Yirgacheffe Ethiopia.  It should be around for the month of March so come drink it before it’s gone!

It is grown in the Konga Co-opertive in the Yirga Cheffe region in Ethiopia (Yirga Cheffe meaning ‘Wet lands’), processed using the ‘natural method’ leaving the coffee cherry to dry on the beans resulting in the sweetness from the cherry fruit being absorbed by the bean which intensifies the syrupy pulpiness and produces a cup that is sweet and full-bodied

Roast: Light

Body: Creamy

Acidity: Soft

Taste profile: With a sweet aroma of honey, the cup has notes of fresh hay with chocolate. It is highly fruited with sweet dried strawberry emerging as the temperature cools.