Ok, so we really don’t want to do this.  An we definitely don’t want to write this.  But here’s the thing…if we want to keep up our beautiful direct sourced coffee and organic high quality artisan pretzels…we have to.  And we’re sorry.

George Osbourne’s budget announced in March included a proposal to eliminate a loophole excluding hot ‘to-go’ foods from VAT.  Which meant, essentially, that anything you eat that’s hot would go up 20% in price, far as the government’s concerned.  Then there was a whole outcry, and a save our pasty campaign, and hullabaloo about Cameron eating pasties where there weren’t any.  But in the end…the rule’s stuck.

Cold sandwhiches don’t have any VAT on them; it’s only if they’re toasted. ‘Ambient’ temperature pasties are good as well.  The thing is, we tried our pretzels ‘ambient’…and they just aren’t as good.

So what we’re beating around here, in essence, is that after a lot of thinking and an open poll of the staff, we’ve decided to keep our pretzels warm and toasty and delicious…and between 5-10% more expensive from 1 October.  The good news is, we’re swallowing some of the price increase.  We’re none too happy with the new rule, especially since it’s applied unevenly to take-away food.  But we’re committed to serving high quality pretzels and coffee made with directly sourced hand roasted beans and organic flour, honey, and butter.  Thank you for committing to eat them!  If you have any strong feelings about the VAT change, please feel free to send us an email at hearknot@knot-pretzels.com, or you could always send one to your MP!  See you soon.