Yikes, it’s December!  And on top of shopping, traveling, and holiday party-ing (may we just take this opportunity to recommend a bacon pretzel and black filter coffee as the perfect restorative breakfast the morning after), you still have to go to work.  We thought we’d try to

a) celebrate all the traveling, visiting, and just schlepping around London everyone does…


b) make that last day of work before you finally get a break just a little less painful….

…with our December Contest #KnotTravels.


Heres how it works: we want to see where you take us after you get back on the train with coffees and pretzels, so…

  1. Take a photo of our cups or pretzels at the airport, train station, office, Grandma’s house, wherever.
  2. Upload it to social media with the hashtag #KnotTravels (Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Vine) or for Facebook post it on our page.
  3. All entries must be sent by midnight Friday 20th December
  4. We pick out our favorite, and give you a catering jug of filter coffee and box of pretzels to take into the office 23rd December (or if you’re a lucky soul and won’t be in that day, 6th January).  Either way, your office will love you, and getting through that last day before the break will be that little bit easier.
  5. Honorable mentions will receive free coffee and pretzels in smaller quantities.