• V60 filter papers
  • V60
  • Union revelation beans
  • Porlex mini hand grinder – 25g bean capacity unground


Filter in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Rinse your filter.  Place your filter paper in the V60 over the cup and swirl through a bit of hot water just off the boil to thoroughly wet the paper
  2. Measure your beans – normal wisdom is that you want a ratio of 60g unground beans for every 1L of water added.  Working backwards, for a normal 8oz cup of coffee, that’s probably going to work out to about 24g of coffee (your Porlex mini hand grinder holds 25g of beans, so if you don’t have a scale just fill the top portion almost all the way up) for a normal 12oz coffee.
  3. Grind your beans – it will probably take a few tries until you’ve adjusted the amount of coffee and your grind to your own taste, so for the first cup, try it as it is and then go from there
  4. Empty your coffee grinds into the filter paper (make sure you’ve dumped the water you poured through earlier from your cup!) and pour a small amount of water in, just enough to wet the grinds
  5. After letting the wet grinds sit for 20-30 seconds, swirl some more water down the filter, starting in the centre and working out.  Let the water level go down, and then add more water
  6. Et voila!  Homemade filter coffee that you can easily adjust to your taste in the future


Extra Credit: Adjusting your dose and grind

  • If your coffee tastes too bland, increase the dose and coarsen the grind to strengthen the flavours
  • If it’s too harsh, decrease the dose and make the grind finer
  • If the coffee tastes too ‘bright’ or acidic, leave the dose the same but make the grind finer to reduce acidity.
  • If the coffee is too bitter (think toast, wood, pine sap, etc.) keep the dose the same and make the grind coarser.