8558430705_887dc93d40_kThanks everyone who came and made Free Coffee Day such a success yesterday!  We loved being able to treat our regulars, and hopefully hook a few new customers on our great Union coffee.  The coffee fun continues today.  Not only is it the first day of the London Coffee Festival, but we’re also bringing the festival to our stores with the introduction of two guest espressos – Bright Note and Fazendas Bobolink.

Bright Note  – available in Kingston all weekend, this espresso is sourced directly from farms in Brazil and Guatemala (and a few beans from Rwanda) and has a lighter, more delicate flavour than our normal Revelation espresso.  A medium roast, Bright Note has a silky smooth body with notes of almond, golden syrup, and vanilla, and a tingly citrus finish.

Fazendas Bobolink will be available in Clapham Junction alongside Revelation and our filter blend.  We’re only making the Bobolink for 8oz coffees and espressos so that the subtle flavours will not be overpowered, and we would really encourage you to try.  A single source from Brazil, Bobolink is a light roast with scents of banana and cocoa powder, and a silky, caramel milk chocolate body.  The delicate flavours finish with notes of pear in a sweet lingering aftertaste to be savoured.