by Anna Filosoho

by Anna Filosoho

We like to explore new things so we’ve been trying out some new coffees as espressos and milky drinks.  We really loved the Climpson and Son’s Climpson Estate espresso blend and decided to share it with you, so pop into our Richmond shop to try it out!  We will be running this along Union’s Revelation blend only for a limited time period so don’t miss out!

The Climpson Estate guest blend is lighter and brighter than our house blend Revelation.  If Revelation is dark chocolate, caramel, treacle and dark cherry, then think of milk chocolate, hazelnut, candied fruit, roasted orange for Climpson Estate.

The Climpson Estate Espresso blend is a mix of coffees from three different estates.  The largest two sources are Ethiopian Sidamo, a BNT co-operative, and the Brasil Daterra Estate, Minas Gerais, Climpson’s blend.  There’s also a tiny bit of  Kenya AA “Acacia” Gakuyu-ini Estate added in, which adds a lovely brightness, a hint of something floral, and layer of extra mouthfeel.

As the roasters say:

‘Our tastiest espresso blend yet from 2012-2013 crop arabicas. Sweet, complex and full-bodied, this blend is built to be enjoyed as a straight espresso and as a base for milky coffees. Ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and socially responsible. Guilt-free pleasure!’