It’s a new year, a chance to be a whole new you, join a new gym, (pick a new favorite pretzel), and we were wondering…does coffee have a new season too?  We aren’t being silly, we get that coffee is a plant and so grows according to its climate and a host of other factors, but does it have a first flush like Darjeeling tea?  A second flush?
The answer is …not really, and…not really.
Especially because the third wave of coffee producers, buyers, consumers, etc are increasingly interested in microclimates, terroir, and small individual farms, there is definitively no set coffee ‘season’.  Here in the UK, the agglomerate of all the different countries we import from means we tend to get the bulk of ‘new’ coffees starting in April and trailing through October or so.  Every country has a different season though, and with coffee growing on 3 separate continents, it would be fair to estimate there’s probably ‘new’ coffee somewhere every month of the year.  Geography is also only part of the story – neighboring countries like Kenya and Tanzania still manage to have offset growing seasons, and it’s a sure bet that within those countries coffee grows differently as well.
The non-coffee season is also part of the reason we like to bring you fresh and interesting guest coffees from around the world as our seasonal single origin filter, and speaking of which…we’re long overdue.  That’ll be next week though, for now, if you’re interested more in different seasons, check out Grumpy Mule’s explanation over here.